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Another year is coming to an end. We’ll be taking a break over the holidays and return to normal capacity on January 9th.

Jochen Lillich

23 Dec 2022

DrupalCon is going to start in Prague next week. We’ll be there, so let’s meet!

14 Sep 2022

TLS encryption has become an indispensable security feature on the web, but it comes with additional overhead. A recent update to the freistilbox edge routers reduced the time it takes to establish a TLS connection by almost 66%.

04 Jul 2022

Another year is ending. And we think we speak for all of us when we say that we deserve a break…

21 Dec 2021

As promised in our platform update announcement earlier this year, we’ve now followed up the rollout of PHP 7.4 with version 8.0.

17 Sep 2021

All freistilbox plans now include free concurrent requests for static assets regardless of the plan’s PU limit.

19 Aug 2021

On Wednesday, 7 April, at 10:30 UTC, we’re going to roll out a bunch of significant updates to freistilbox.

24 Mar 2021

One of the recurring support issues our customers have been raising in recent years was how to make sure a shell command or automation script on freistilbox uses the correct PHP version. We’ve finally laid this issue to rest.

01 Feb 2021

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